CALLING ALL PATRIOTS! Win a Proposal Launch or Red Team Review! UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Quick Start guide

Home page at  This day there were more than 31,000 contract opportunities available. - Opportunities

The federal government advertises its opportunities DAILY through a searchable database located at  The site is free to use and is the most comprehensive list of current opportunities available.


Odds of Winning

Less than 5% of US businesses actually bid on government contracts.  Many successful contractors offer their services exclusively to the government!   Armed with publicly available market data and our proprietary guide, your odds of winning are much better than the lottery!


Is Bidding Complicated?

Without proper guidance or mentoring the bid process is very complicated.  Fortunately, the process is standardized and the rules are publicly available by referring to the published FARS (Federal Acquisition Regulation System).  If you elect to hire a private consultant make sure their experience includes successful performance as a contractor.

Quick Q&A

Why are Contractors Urgently Needed?

Corrupt Government Officials rely on their trusted Contractors to get things done.  These Contractors need to be replaced with Patriots.

How Much Does it Cost to Register My Company?

There is no charge for any of the required registrations!  Beware of anyone who tries to collect money from you during this process.  I

What is an RFP or RFQ??

 RFP stands for Request for Proposal and RFQ is Request for Quote.  The Government issues these documents that contain complete proposal instructions and a detailed Scope of Work. 

Can a Government Contract Be Financed?

YES!  The Assignment of Claims Act allows you to assign the proceeds of the contract as collateral for a start-up line of credit.

How Long Does it Take to Get Paid?

Thanks to the Prompt Payment Act you will be paid according to net 30 day terms.  If a Prompt Payment Discount is Offered it will be taken & paid rapidly!

What's the Catch?

No Catch!  The industry has been a well kept secret for many years.  FedBizGuru wants to help you do it faster with full understanding of the process.  We can help with that!